Call for Application

Shelter Home of Solace & Tranquility Initiative is a new initiative of Trans & Intersex People-TIP for Human Rights In Nigeria (THRIN) now Dynamic Initiative for Healthcare & Human Rights (DIHHR) is putting up a call for an expression of interest for trans organizations to apply for funding for Safe House management within Nigeria.

We at THRIN/DIHHR acknowledges the fact that man has three (3) basic needs which are:

1.) Shelter.

2.) Food.

3.) Clothing.

This initiative is intended to create new shelter homes and fund existing shelter homes within Nigeria. By shelter homes, we mean safe houses. We also acknowledge the fact that there are existing safe homes and managing these safe homes ranging from the welfare of the occupants to the maintenance of these safe homes may not be easy. So it’s on this premise that we have chosen to open this call with a special focus on the welfare of the occupants with special focus to their feeding for a year under the line item 2.

With this, organizations that are safe home managers are called to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for funding, organizations (by organization, we mean safe houses) should meet the following criteria.

  • Should be a safe home for gender/sexual diverse individuals within Nigeria. 
  • Should be Trans, Intersex, Trans/Intersex led or an inclusive organizations both with a feminist approach or lens.

 By trans, intersex, trans/intersex led, we mean trans, intersex, trans/intersex people must be in decision-making roles, including setting the organization’s strategic and financial priorities, and make up 75% of the staff, spokespeople, and Board or decision-making body.

 By inclusive, we mean organizations must demonstrate how trans, intersex, trans/intersex people make the budget, organizational and strategic decisions and would benefit from this opportunity given.

  • Must be a group not an individual.
  • Grants will generally range in size from =N=360,000 to =N=600,000 for 1 year.
  • Budget above the maximum amount may be considered on special circumstances.
  • There is a strict page limit that helps us fairly evaluate applications. Applications must not exceed 10 pages. This would be exclusive of your attached budget. Font size should be no smaller than 12pt. Please note that in order to be fair, we will not review materials after 10 pages outside your attached budget. Additional materials (reports, strategic plans, etc.) will NOT be reviewed.
  • Please make sure that the application form is filled in correctly and completely or your organization could be found to be ineligible. Respond with N/A (not applicable) to questions that are not relevant to your organization. Do not leave a question blank.
  • We accept applications only in English being our lingua franca. Send your applications to with your organization’s name/safehome application/location within Nigeria as the title, e.g. XYZ/safehome application/Abuja OR XYZ/safehome application/Abuja, Lagos & Oyo state (for safe houses with multiple branches within the country). Deadline to apply is 26th September, 2020.

This application does not cover salaries but a stipend MAY BE considered upon assessment of your budget.

You can download the form below: