Trans and Intersex People (TIP) for Human Rights in Nigeria (THRIN) is an organization that was set up to programme for Trans and Intersex people and other Gender non-conforming individuals who have been identified as a marginalized and underserved group in terms of provision of healthcare and other services in Nigeria. THRIN started in 2013 as a Facebook online social forum known as TransNigeria which was introduced by a Trans/Intersex lady, Mx. Emmanuella David-Ette. The Facebook online page has changed its name to Dynamic Initiative for Healthcare & Human Rights (DIHHR) by January, 2019. The group started with a membership of thirty-three (33) persons and currently has a membership of 205 individuals spread beyond Nigeria to other countries of Africa. The network started based on the recognition that there are several trans and Intersex persons needing support and human rights interventions ranging from gender reaffirmation, trauma support/coping mechanisms among others; thus the group evolved into an organization in the year October 2015.